Welcome to the Ovie Mughelli Foundation

We are on a global mission to empower our next generation of environmental leaders.

OUR Mission

We educate and empower our youth to save and sustain the environment. We’ve developed sports programs and gaming tools that interact and teach young children and teens about environmental issues and what they can do to help save the planet. Our most popular program highlights our Gridiron Green Comic to educate kids and teens about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are on a global mission to empower our next generation of environmental leaders.

Gridiron Green Comic Book Challenge

Gridiron Green is a graphic novel that approaches environmental education and action through a partnership and collaboration with Unicef and Comic Uniting Nations.

Green Tailgating

The Green Tailgate an environmentally conscious party with the perfect combination of food, fun, and entertainment.

Recycle on The Run

Recycle on the Run is an extreme obstacle course conducted outdoors or in large indoor spaces that combines football drills with fun, environmental trivia challenges.

Green Speaker Series

This town hall panel discussion will bring to the forefront celebrity advocates, environmental change agents and those in corporate sustainability space together.

Green Football Camps

This one and a half day camp will teach students high level football drills alongside professional trainers and former NFL players.

Participants will go through a “round robin” session of environmental workshops and game show activities all to test their eco-knowledge.

The Why
To solve the world’s environmental challenges we must address
issues that disproportionately impact POC/low income communities

Ovie Mughelli realized through his own life experiences, and having two premature children, that there was a bigger issue, money, fame, and resources weren’t enough to change the air quality in his hometown, to bring his children safely out of the hospital.

This gave him the added drive to work harder to address these issues. This is the fuel behind the passion that motivates him to be a part of solution.

Closing the skills gap is also a priority (which is necessary if everybody’s part of the solution) which takes generating interest early among the youth.
In order to facilitate, we generate impact through combining innovative programming in sports, science & technology, and sustainability.

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% Increase In Employee Giving In 6 Months
% Information Retention Rate Of Children Enrolled In OMF Programs
Sustainably Impacted And Engaged Youth Through Programs And Media


Gridiron Green Comic, Curriculum and Gamification

What Is GridIron Green
GridIron Green is a graphic novel that approaches environmental education and action through a partnership and collaboration with Unicef and Comic Uniting Nation.
What We Do
We leverage our partners’ global platform, reach, and unified mission to maximize exposure and create awareness of environmental actions and their impact on the world.
The Issue

Environmental issues have become a growing concern for people around the globe. Some of which have contributed to wide-ranging environmental damages and has affected the health, ecological balance, and climatic conditions across the globe.

The lack of education and adoption of sustainable living, business, and industrial practices are leading to the depletion of Earth’s resources and minerals, as well as degradation of the environment.

The Impact

With over 67% of sustainability jobs held nation-wide held by a majority of caucasian professionals, our Gridiron Green Curriculum & Gamification focuses on measuring retention of education, mastery of sustainability concepts, and is the next step to creating engagement of diverse young professionals to gain entrance into the field.

Bundling the curriculum with a gamification app allows us to capture and report metrics that will help employers with pre-employment assessments of knowledge in Sustainability & STEM.

Our Gridiron Green Comic Book Challenge is in support of our STEM focused comic book, that will not only help to engage thousands of youth across the nation, but will be built into lesson plans within the Gridiron Green Curriculum, projected to reach public schools in 2020 and piloting in a NYC public school district.

We hope you find inspiration in supporting this incredible program, and the children we serve.

The Annual Green Tailgating Event
What Is A Green Tailgate

The Green Tailgate will act as a party with fun environmental concepts throughout.

It will give attendees the opportunity to get ready to attend or host a viewing party for the “Big Game”.

There will be Green Tailgate Trivia as well as Green Tailgating product demonstrations.

Additionally, there will be a pre-game competition for our sponsors to see who can give the most clean water via our #BlockoutWaste Campaign.

The vision is to transform sustainability engagement and make an impact locally, nationally, and globally.

Event Schedule
  • Welcome
  • Information session
  • Call to action #blockoutwaste Water Challenge
  • Cocktail hour
  • Chef cook off/Cooking demo
  • Tailgate trivia
  • Interactive games that include prizes and awards
  • Silent auction/ Support a School Comic Drive
  • Closing statements
The Green Tailgate Movement

Sporting events are becoming a single-use, throw-away nightmare. During the Super Bowl alone, fans generate more than 40 tons of garbage.

When you add in the tailgate and home viewing parties hosted around the country, the impact of this one day is a massive sea of garbage.

Now think about these same actions repeated at every sporting event by hundreds of millions of people each year.

We have to ability to change this outcome! Sporting events, tailgates and viewing parties don’t need to generate so much waste.

Watching sports and hanging out with friends, colleagues, and fans alike, can be an incredible opportunity to change our throw-away culture and show a better way of celebrating without all the waste.

Help us empower people to enjoy their favorite sports while taking concrete steps to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

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